The Devil’s Due By Michael Purcell Pdf

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The Devil's Due By Michael Purcell Pdf

Download The Devil’s Due By Michael Purcell Pdf book free online – from The Devil’s Due By Michael Purcell Pdf book; The Devil comes to a small town on Halloween evening. Terror grips the town, and one young boy’s life will be changed forever. He is slowly tormented his entire life, until the day comes when he must fight for his immortal soul. The horror will have you on the edge of your seat as Donald Lemore tries to save his sanity, and avoid spending an eternity burning in hell.


A police investigation turned up that the gunman really was a marine. He was Private First Class, Anthony J. Pruitt, United States Marine Corps. It would only be fair to Mr. Pruitt to tell of the circumstances that led up to the crime that would put an end to his tormented mind. He had enlisted in the Marines shortly after the Vietnam war broke out. He was an honor student in high school and a very patriotic young man. He felt it his duty to enlist in the Marines, and fight for his country. He almost immediately got the English Bulldog tattoo with the words “Semper Fidelis” beneath it. The English Bulldog was deeply rooted in the Marine Corps. During WWII, the Germans referred to the Marine Corps as “teufel hunden”, meaning “devil dogs,” undoubtedly referring to their fighting ability. Marines are known to have a fierce almost fanatical loyalty to their duty. They are one of the most highly respected fighting forces on earth. “Semper Fidelis” is … Translated from Latin; “Always Faithful.”

 Just after one month in Vietnam, he was captured along with two of his comrades in arms. After waking to find himself naked and strapped down to a table. He saw his two comrades, one to his left and the other to his right. Both were strapped to a table, just as he was, and both were dead. There was a large pool of crimson red blood under each table, entrails dangling from their sides, lying on the floor beneath them. He could see a hole about the size of a mans fist in the side of the corpse to his right. “You are awake, GI Joe, good,” a Viet Cong soldier was standing in front of him. The man was standing under a single light bulb, hanging from the ceiling by a thick cord. He stood just in front of the light, so as his features could not be seen, a faceless talking shadow-­‐man.

 “You will tell me where your troops are located, yes GI Joe?,” a puff of smoke billowed up around his head from an unseen cigarette in his mouth. Although terrified, private Pruitt remained silent, determined not to betray his Platoon or his country. “OK GI Joe, we will see how brave you are,” snapping his fingers into the air above his head. Giving what sounded like an order to some unseen ally. Out of the shadows stepped another Viet Cong soldier, in his hands was a small metal cage about 10 inches in width and height. There was a movement from within the cage, Pvt Pruitt could hear a low squeaking sound. As the cage came closer to him, he could now see that it was a very large and nervous rat.

 “You will tell me where your troops are located, GI Joe,” pausing for an answer. “Very well GI Joe, you may join your friends. This will be most unpleasant for you GI Joe.” The shadow-­‐man snapped his fingers once more. The other soldier lowered the cage down and placed it on Pvt Pruitt’s stomach. The rat became more agitated sensing the mans body so close to it. “Now GI Joe, I will explain, you see your new friend has not eaten in days, and the guards like to poke at him with sticks and cigarettes.” Pruitt was so scared he could hardly speak. He felt he was going to defecate uncontrollably. He surprised even to hear his words come out, “Go to hell you filthy gook.” Those words would seal his fate forever.

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