The Darkest Temptation by Danielle Lori Pdf

The Darkest Temptation by Danielle Lori Pdf

Download The Darkest Temptation by Danielle Lori Pdf book free online. Mila was once promised by a fortune teller that she would meet a man who would make her gasp for air. She held back from informing her that Mila would be truly running for her life. Mila dresses the part, only dates college boys with good backgrounds, and doesn’t raise questions because she has always done what was expected of her. neither about her papa’s absences or his refusal to allow her to travel to Russia, the country of her birth. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

Mila does what she’s always wanted to do because she feels suffocated by the restrictions and unresolved issues. She gets on a flight to Moscow. She never anticipated falling in love with the driver. one with secretive eyes, tattoos on his hands, and inexplicable money. But before long, his kind touch turns into a hard hold that muffles her cries.

It’s preferable to serve revenge cold. Unfortunately, a Russian winter is the harshest of them all, and Mila quickly discovers that in order to survive and escape intact, she must succeed in thawing her captor’s heart.

About the Author

The novels by Danielle Lori include ethically dubious men, passionate love-hate relationships, and occasionally cute but primarily sassy heroines. She has written in both the contemporary and fantasy subgenres, but she always returns to romance.

She enjoys coffee, 1990s chick films, and bodice rippers on a typical day. She, her husband, son, and an excessive number of pets reside in a small town in Iowa.

Download The Darkest Temptation by Danielle Lori Pdf


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