The Dark Key By Graeme Winton Pdf

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The Dark Key By Graeme Winton Pdf

Download The Dark Key By Graeme Winton Pdf book free online – from The Dark Key By Graeme Winton Pdf book; A young Librarian, Matthew, witnesses a supernatural event. The result of which sends him searching for answers to the vision. The answers, however, come looking for him in the form of ghostly monks from the local abbey and thugs of a demon worshipping order. He finds out that he must destroy a key used to lock the gates to the Dark Realm before it is found by dark forces. Matthew also finds out about a feud between two demons which has rumbled through centuries of human history.


You’re a demon,” growled a face with crimson eyes.
“What…do you mean?” uttered Matthew sleepily.
“Hell’s about to erupt into your life,” said the face with a cruel laugh.

It was a bright Sunday morning when Matthew Wilson opened his eyes. The sun light, which
shone through his bedroom window, was alive with a million specks of dust. He was surrounded by
the usual debris of a morning after the night before. His clothes were strewn in crazy patterns on the
floor next to the discarded foil containers of the take-away which had been half eaten.

He managed to pull himself out of bed and make his way unsteadily to the toilet, while promising
to abstain from drinking – for a while at least. Looking at his reflection in the mirror he decided he
had seen too many Saturday nights pass by in an alcoholic haze. It was time to improve his health, so
he decided, after breakfast, to take a long walk along Arbroath’s cliff top pathway.

After washing and shaving Matthew went downstairs into his neat but small kitchen and made
some coffee. He decided not to eat anything as his stomach felt a bit tender due to the eight pints of
beer he had consumed the previous evening.

He read Saturday’s newspaper and tried to forget about his state of physical health. The columns
were filled with depressing things about war and famine, which didn’t improve his state of mental
health. So he gave up reading and decided it was time for the walk.

The day was perfect; the sun lit a golden path across the sea to the horizon. Autumn had changed
the leaves on the trees and bushes into a blaze of colour, which ranged from red through to gold. The
azure sea lapped onto the rocks at the foot of the ancient sandstone cliffs.

He thought of his girlfriend, Jane, and the way they had argued the night before over some
inconsequential matter, which ended up with her storming off in a taxi threatening never to see him
again. He also thought of his work in the library which was interesting but rather dull: stamping out
books and filling shelves with the returns. It was time for a change; he needed some excitement in his

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