The Content Code by Mark W. Schaefer Pdf

The Content Code by Mark W. Schaefer Pdf

Download The Content Code by Mark W. Schaefer Pdf book free online. Mark W. Schaefer, a college professor, consultant, and best-selling author of five marketing books, including Social Media Explained and The Tao of Twitter, has written a book that paves the way for others by examining the six factors that will enable you to succeed in marketing right now—beyond content, social media, web traffic, and SEO. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

The Content Code gives the launch code for next-level success and picks up where your existing marketing strategy leaves off. The book delves extensively into social media marketing’s genuine worth and the procedures businesses must take to get verifiable results. It is a groundbreaking book that examines the psychology of sharing and is also incredibly useful, providing hundreds of ideas that can be applied by businesses of any size and with any amount of money. Highlights of the book include in-depth analyses of the relationship between brand and content transmission, a focus on audiences that will move content, practical advice on how to make all of your content “shareable,” and the new functions of promotion, distribution, and SEO in a highly competitive digital environment. Discover the six digital secrets of The Content Code, liberate your audience, and unlock the value of your business.

About the Author

Author, speaker, educator, and business adviser Mark W. Schaefer is well-known throughout the world. He blogs at grow, one of the best marketing blogs on the planet. He is a graduate marketing instructor at Rutgers University and the author of four best-selling books, including The Tao of Twitter, which is the most popular book ever written about Twitter, and Return On Influence, which the American Library Association named one of the year’s finest business books. Dell, Adidas, and the US Air Force are some of his clientele. In addition to SXSW, Marketing Summit Tokyo, and the Institute for International and European Affairs, he has delivered keynote addresses at major events all around the world.

Download The Content Code by Mark W. Schaefer Pdf