The Confidence Game by Maria Konnikova Pdf

The Confidence Game by Maria Konnikova Pdf

Download The Confidence Game by Maria Konnikova Pdf book free online. A fascinating look at the thoughts, motives, and methods of con artists, as well as the people who fall for their deception time and time again. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

While crooks and swindlers abound, true conmen – the Bernie Madoffs, Jim Bakkers, and Lance Armstrongs – are elegant, outsized personalities, persuasive artists, and trust exploiters. How do they manage to do it? Why have they been so successful? And what makes us fall for it again and again? Maria Konnikova, a journalist and psychologist, examines these topics in her enthralling new book.

From multibillion-dollar Ponzi schemes to small-time con artists, Konnikova weaves together a fascinating collection of tales to show what all cons have in common, drawing on scientific, dramatic, and psychological viewpoints. The audiobook, which is both insightful and fascinating, immerses listeners in the realm of the con, probing the interaction between artist and victim. The Confidence Game investigates not only why people believe con artists, but also the act of believing and how our perception of reality may be altered by others around us.

About the Author

Mastermind and The Confidence Game are written by Maria Konnikova. She has written for the Atlantic, the New York Times, Slate, the New Republic, the Paris Review, the Wall Street Journal, Salon, the Boston Globe, the Scientific American MIND, WIRED, and Smithsonian, among other publications. Maria earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Harvard University and a doctorate in psychology from Columbia University.

Download The Confidence Game by Maria Konnikova Pdf


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