The Compass By I. Purple Pdf

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The Compass By I. Purple Pdf

Download The Compass By I. Purple Pdf book free online – from The Compass By I. Purple Pdf book; The road… commonly the symbol of life, wasn’t so for Hathen Xenter. Suddenly consumed by the strong obsession of taking the highway, he set on a trail of the obscure unknown which took him into a rollercoaster of risks and unimaginable life choices.


My name is Hathen Xenter and I am about to share the last three weeks of my existence. What led me on the road I’ve taken, what choices I was forced to take, in fact it all comes down to one reason: the moment you lose charge over your life, you decide to go with the flow and see where it leads you, you realize the thrill and value of every moment you have. You can’t be certain of being still here tomorrow and so, you want to try out every crazy experience life can offer. Well, this is my story, when one day I’ve set my mind on one thing and that is “throw caution to the wind

The view of the ocean that spread before my eyes as I stood on top of a high hill was indescribably exceptional. It is pretty common to wander at such beauty of open nature but for me, it was more than that; it brought a sense of …freedom. It did not leave me curious of what lies ahead but picturing that view expanded over the face of the earth, I only wished to see it all, from above.

The article I held in my hand started to draw back my attention. Who would have thought this thing would catch my eye at an antique shop? A shop that usually gives the creeps to most people and very few (mostly the fearless) go into. One day I passed by it and the fancy of going in ate at me like a fast spreading poison… and so I did.

Nothing appealed to my eyes except this strange Compass that kept changing point every three seconds. “How could it be possible?” I asked myself, perhaps it was broken but it captivated my interest like no ornate object has before. The strangest thing is; the moment I paid for it and stepped out of the shop, the pointer stilled at one direction: the west. Stranger still, I sensed a change in the wind, as though a major occurring fact would give impact and transform things around.

Let me get this straight, I was never one who believed in the supernatural. As odd as it sounded in my head, I truly felt that this compass was abnormally unusual.

I pocketed the thing swiftly, refusing to admit how freaked out it got me. It certainly was not a reason enough to ditch it, not after I’ve just paid a handful of bucks for it.

Ten days since that day had passed and, now, my thoughts started to take different shapes. A new rush of emotions grew in me; I felt a need to go on the road, to get in my car, start the engine and take off for whatever place awaits me.

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