The Comeback by Tabitha Bree PDF

The Comeback by Tabitha Bree PDF

Download The Comeback by Tabitha Bree PDF book free. I’ve finally done it—I’ve landed the female lead in the next big Hollywood romance movie. But there’s a catch. I’ve been cast opposite my ex-boyfriend.

To everyone else he is Damon Reeves, LA’s most notorious diva looking for a second chance after his scandalous meltdown on set three years ago. But to me, he is Damon Reeves, my high school sweetheart. Damon Reeves, the only man I’ve ever loved. Damon Reeves, the man who broke my heart.

But my career is relying on me knocking this film out of the park—I can’t let the guy who dumped me for the bright lights of Hollywood get in the way of my success. I’ve worked too hard to get here. It’s my turn to shine.

Only when the cameras start rolling and our lips meet again for the first time… all bets are off. Now I don’t know where our characters end and we begin. How am I meant to keep a clear head when I have to spend hours on set, staring into his hazel eyes? Oh boy… acting classes didn’t prepare me for this. Here goes nothing.The Comeback is a steamy, second chance rom-com that will make you laugh out loud, swoon, and feel all the feels. It’s Book #3 in the Hollywood Heartthrobs series, but can be read as a standalone.


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