The Choice Factory by Richard Shotton Pdf

The Choice Factory by Richard Shotton Pdf

Download The Choice Factory by Richard Shotton Pdf book free online. You must comprehend what motivates decisions before you can influence them. Richard Shotton’s goal in The Choice Factory is to teach you. He investigates how psychological shortcuts shape our behavior by observing a typical day of decision-making, from insignificant food choices to significant workplace moves. Shotton has consulted academic studies, actual advertising campaigns, and his own original research with a clear focus on the marketing potential of understanding what makes us tick. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

The Choice Factory is a lighthearted and very readable book with 25 condensed chapters, each of which addresses a different cognitive bias and provides a clear explanation of how to use it to solve your own marketing problems. Shotton adds insights from fresh interviews with some of the best thinkers in advertising, such as Rory Sutherland, Lucy Jameson, and Mark Earls, to support his discussion.

The study of behavioral economics has never been simpler to apply to marketing, from priming to the pratfall effect, charm pricing to the curse of knowledge. The Choice Factory is the brand-new requirement for advertising.

About the Author

Richard is the creator of Astroten, a marketing consulting firm that uses behavioral research. Twenty years ago, he began his marketing career working on projects for companies like Coke, 118 118, and before specializing in the use of behavioral research.

Richard is curious about how behavioral science research may be used to improve advertising. He contributes articles on his behavioral research to publications like Marketing Week, The Drum, Campaign, Admap, and Quartz. He tweets under the handle @rshotton about the most recent developments in social psychology.

Download The Choice Factory by Richard Shotton Pdf


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