The Business Idea Factory PDF

The Business Idea Factory PDF

Download The Business Idea Factory PDF book free by Andrii Sedniev – From The Business Idea Factory PDF: The Business Idea Factory is an effective and easy-to-use system for creating successful business ideas. It is based on 10 years of research into idea-generation techniques used by the world’s best scientists, artists, CEOs, entrepreneurs and innovators. Buy from Amazon

The Business Idea Factory PDF

The book is entertaining to read, has plenty of stories and offers bits of wisdom necessary to increase the quantity and quality of ideas that you create multiple times. Once you begin applying strategies described in this book, you will create successful business ideas regularly and make your life more adventurous. You will realize that there are few things that can bring as much joy and success in business as the moment when an excellent idea comes to your head.

Review – The Business Idea Factory PDF

Andrii Sedniev has filled this sharp book with powerful creativity principles and ways to use the subconscious mind as a tool for creating strategies and to generate ideas. It’s about developing the creative muscle using simple principles for creating new ideas for your business. There are numerous exercises to facilitate this and how to think differently than competitors.

This intelligent book explains the science of effective brainstorming and describes how to let the subconscious mind know what it is that you want and need so that it can generate unlimited, amazing, creative ideas to help you with your business. Brainstorming is simply placing your attention on a problem so that your creative mind can do the rest. I learned that often the reason we can’t come up with a successful business idea is because we are asking the wrong question and that by changing or even just altering the question a little bit, the subconscious mind will be able to generate a variety of ideas. The Business Idea Factory PDF

The author describes how to let the subconscious mind know what it is that you want and need so that it can generate unlimited, amazing, creative ideas to help you. In other words, this book explains the science of effective brainstorming, or placing your attention on a problem so that your creative mind can do the rest.

The author states, ‘The only way to make the brain think hard and produce world-class ideas is to make it generate a lot of ideas.’ He explains how important it is in creating new ideas to learn how to generate tons of them to choose from. This can be done, for example (one of many), by modifying old ideas that have been used before by actively, continuously seeking new experiences to draw from. The Business Idea Factory PDF

Author Sedniev reminds the reader that more creativity and many more creative ideas come to lighthearted, not serious people. This book provides thinking techniques that really work for getting your subconscious to generate ideas for you and to develop the “creativity habit.” I was inspired by the stories of innovators who failed repeatedly before becoming successful and by the suggestions for creative thinking practices that significantly increase the number of creative thoughts as well as their quality.

I was especially inspired by the concept of creating thousands of questions about how to carry out every task involved with my business (I teach fine art). Also, that if I can’t find a solution for one of these tasks, I’m truly not asking the right question and should alter or change it. By doing this, I can even change the quality and quantity of the successful ideas I come up with by putting my subconscious mind to work. Obviously, I have to take action to get more business and by trying this particular technique, I have already come up with some great ideas for promoting my own business (I teach fine art) that I hadn’t considered before. The Business Idea Factory PDF

Using some of the steps delineated in this book, I split some of the problems I’ve been having in this area (promoting myself) into smaller problems by asking questions. Then I split all the tasks I came up with into specific things to do. I also learned that switching between problems gives the subconscious lots of fodder to enhance its idea production. Now I have an actual plan that I’m following and it was so simple to create!

Naturally, since this system worked for my business, I am going to start using it to solve everyday problems as well. The genius of this book is the simple-to-understand instructions for putting the subconscious mind to work to obtain results that can be used. This easy-to-follow book is an essential handbook for idea creativity. I don’t just recommend it for people who are entrepreneurs, but also for creative artists and writers. The Business Idea Factory PDF

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About the Author

At the age of 19, Andrii obtained his CCIE (Certified Cisco Internetwork Expert) certification, the most respected certification in the IT world, and became the youngest person in Europe to hold it. At the age of 23, he joined an MBA program at one of the top 10 MBA schools in the USA. Being the youngest student on the program and at the age of 25 he joined Cisco Systems’ Head Office as a Product Manager responsible for managing a router which brought in $1 billion dollars in revenue every year. The Business Idea Factory PDF

These experiences have taught Andrii that success in any endeavor doesn’t as much depend on the amount of experience you have but rather on the processes that you are using. Having dedicated over 10 years to researching and practicing a variety of different techniques, Andrii has created the Business Idea Factory system. This system will help you to unleash your potential in creating successful business ideas in a very short period of time.

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