The Burning Land by Bernard Cornwell Pdf

The Burning Land by Bernard Cornwell Pdf

Download The Burning Land by Bernard Cornwell Pdf book free online. The kingdom is born in a battle of heroes. King Alfred of Wessex is ill at the end of the ninth century, and his heir is an untested youth. After failing to conquer Wessex, his adversary, the Danes, saw their chance for victory. The Viking hordes invade, led by the sword of fierce warrior Harald Bloodhair. But Uhtred, Alfred’s hesitant commander, outwits Harald and hands the Vikings one of their most humiliating defeats. The thrill of victory is quickly overwhelmed by tragedy for Uhtred. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

He abandons Alfred and joins the Vikings, pledging never to serve the Saxon king again. He will instead return to his ancestral fortification on the Northumbrian shore. He plans to invade and conquer Wessex with the help of his old friend Ragnar and his old opponent Haesten. But fate has other ideas. East Anglian Danes and Northumbrian Vikings are scheming the conquest of all of Britain. Uhtred is unable to ignore Alfred’s daughter’s request for assistance. He takes command of a demoralized Mercian army in a desperate gamble and leads them in a memorable fight on a blood-soaked plain by the Thames.

Bernard Cornwell, dubbed “the reigning master of historical fiction” by USA Today, delivers a rollicking saga of Anglo-Saxon England in The Burning Land, an enthralling new chapter in his spectacular Saxon Tales, the epic story of England’s creation and the mythical ruler who made it possible.

About the Author

Bernard Cornwell was born in London and worked in television before marrying and moving to the United States. He wrote a novel after being denied a work visa and has continued to write ever since.

His current popular book, THE LAST KINGDOM, is set during the founding of England, and he is a brilliant storyteller with a passion for history. Bernard makes a guest appearance in season three of this popular Netflix comedy. Filming for the fourth season is now underway.

He’s also the author of THE GRAIL QUEST series, set during the Hundred Years’ War, THE WARLORD chronicles, set in Arthurian Britain, several standalone novels, one non-fiction work on Waterloo, and the SHARPE series, which he started with.

Download The Burning Land by Bernard Cornwell Pdf


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