The Billionaire Cowboy’s Secret Baby by Elizabeth Grey Pdf

Download The Billionaire Cowboy’s Secret Baby by Elizabeth Grey Pdf.How far would you go to protect the people you love the most?

When I got hired by the Wentworths, one of the wealthiest and most generous families in the nation as their personal chef, I thought it would be my big break.

Being a single mom, I sure could use the larger paycheck.

Everything was going well until I discovered that Chris, the guy I hooked up with at my last catering gig, is my new boss’s brother.

I try my best to stay away from him. The last thing I need is to fall for a billionaire playboy who might cost me my job.

But when I discover more about his struggles of being the black sheep of the family and how hard he worked for everything he has, my heart softens. My walls break down bit by bit, and I find myself unable to resist the handsome cowboy. Soon, our passion is reignited.

Little do I know that our first night together has already altered my life forever. I’m pregnant.

I want to tell Chris, but I can’t.

I’m on the run from my abusive ex-husband who’s determined to take my son. If my ex catches up to me, neither Chris, nor my son, nor my unborn baby will be safe.

I need to end things with Chris before he realizes I’m carrying his child. Yet despite what my mind says, my heart is begging me to stay.

The Cowboy’s Forever is a tantalizing cowboy billionaire romance, featuring a hard-working single mom and a cynical playboy cowboy.