The best free books about trigonometry of 20 centuries

Studying and learning about topics that are not so easily accessible by anyone can turn out to be a real challenge. Math and all these exact sciences require an open mind but also knowing basic principles and knowledge to understand the equations, the problems, and of course, finding and reaching the right solution. 

Studying Math in school can be challenging for some students, as many math-related disciplines could be more complicated than simple calculus problems. But even though trigonometry seems complicated, many books can help you understand it better. Getting a math education can be a journey, but one that you will navigate easier with these free books about trigonometry of 20 centuries. 

Check free trigonometry examples 

Trigonometry is not the only math discipline that could pose some real challenges to students from all over the world. Geometry can also be complicated, but how you choose to handle these challenges can ensure or not your math success. So, to get a glimpse of what trigonometry means and how the problems are approached, you can check free trigonometry examples. Many trigonometry questions are common and whose answers you will find in these books. Writing what you learn or find out from these trigonometry books will help you identify the main principles and apply them later. 

Basic Technical Mathematics with Calculus 

This book by A.J. Washington and Richard Evans is one of the best out there. This is because they continuously revise the first edition and add or delete information from the book, so that understanding mathematics will be easier. This is one of the most useful books that will help you understand and learn the basic technical mathematics that is applied in many other domains, such as graphic design, IT, and many more. On top of this, Richard Evans is a fresh co-author, so he comes with a new and engaging approach towards calculus and math. 


Trigonometry is a book by Robert Blitzer and explores plain trigonometry in everybody’s language. The author aims to offer four courses on plain trigonometry and introduce students to this beautiful yet complex math discipline. The best thing about this book is that it is a modern one and it explains basic trigonometry concepts using real-life situations and examples. 

Schaum’s Outline of Trigonometry 

An interesting and nice book on trigonometry that is in its sixth edition. Frank Ayres Jr and Robert Moyer are former teachers and professors of Mathematics, with immense experience in this field. They have written this book to help students and professors alike discover more of the depths of trigonometry. 

You will find in this book more than 600 trigonometry problems with solutions and examples. But on top of this, you can find many problems you can solve to sharpen your math and trigonometry skills, so it is one of the best books out there on this topic. Many students have written positive reviews of this book and highlighted the huge help it came with. 

Advanced Trigonometry 

Advanced Trigonometry by C.V. Durell and A. Robson is one of the most comprehensive out there. If you want to learn more about trigonometry and explore more complex issues of this discipline, this book will help you do this. This book can easily be used as self-study material, especially because it explains complex trigonometry concepts in everybody’s language. 

This is a nice reading source both for teachers and for students who want to advance their trigonometry knowledge. You can find here explanations, examples, but also problems that will help you explore some trigonometry concepts such as the properties of the triangle, finite series, De Moivre’s theorem, complex numbers, and so on. 


Studying trigonometry is not easy, especially if you do not especially like exact sciences. Math and its disciplines, such as trigonometry and geometry can be challenging. Thankfully, these books were written to come to your help and support you in learning more about trigonometry concepts and principles. You can find many trigonometry examples and solved problems, but also some that you can do by yourself to sharpen your trigonometry skills. 

Author’s bio: James Collins is a content writer passionate about Math. He loves reading about math principles that are present in nature and discovering more about this vast domain. In his spare time, James loves sharpening his math skills by solving some problems.