The Beginning Of Us by Lylah James Pdf

Download The Beginning Of Us by Lylah James Pdf.The Hot Nerd. The Sarcastic Playboy. And a girl with bigger problems than which boy to choose.

What happens when you love two men? In history, that has always ended in tragedy. Maybe this love story is not so different…

Grayson Hale was my tragedy: the hot nerd, my first love. An enigma. Both mysteriously complicated and beautifully broken. The vacant look in his eyes reminded me of my own, almost as if our misery called to one another.

Colton Bennett was my heartbreak: the sarcastic playboy, my second chance. A perfect facade. Rich, devastatingly beautiful…and everything that I should have stayed away from. His obsession led to my carefully laid plans crumbling at my feet.

And me? I was the fallen princess. I gave up on finding my soulmate a long time ago, but now they are both back in my life, and I’m torn between my truth and my lies. Now I have to make a choice, and the thing about loving two men is…you know it will always end.

THE BEGINNING OF US is a story of three broken characters surviving before crossing paths with each other; their lives are now intricately entwined.

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★★★★★ “I pre-ordered the next book at chapter 10.” – Vine Voice Review