The Bayou Never Tells by Chelley St Clair Pdf

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The only thing darker than the waters of the Louisiana bayou are the secrets it holds. I’d know—I’ve buried more than a few myself.

She was supposed to be one of them.

I was the boy who never had a chance, an orphan recruited by the devil himself, until the family I never knew gave me something to live for.

Then my brother brought her home—the rich politician’s daughter, a real-life fairytale princess who had no place in our world. We were oil and water, and making her leave became my mission, ’til the little tag-along ended up in my passenger’s seat driving cross-country. That’s when we discovered a common thread… something that ran soul deep. Something hard to resist.

But no one I cared about was safe, and when she left, I made her promise never to come back.

Turns out, she lied.

Now the devil who claimed my future wants her, as well, and when I’m faced with a choice, who will come out alive?

The demons who own me?

The family who loves me?

Or the girl I wasn’t supposed to fall for?

Only the bayou knows…

And its secrets die here.


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