The Art of Seduction by Nicole Summer Pdf 

Download The Art of Seduction by Nicole Summer Pdf book free. Grace was easily talked into showing off her work…but now with her self-portrait hanging for all to see, she instantly regrets it. But it was too late. He had already spotted it.

Andrew Dupont, the hottest billionaire bachelor ever, was casting his eye over the latest paintings hanging in his gallery. One piece in particular had garnered his attention. And so with bated breath Grace waited for his reaction, knowing what he said next could make or break her. She feared the worst. After all she was only a waitress and didn’t really belong in the art world. Shocked by Andrew’s subsequent advice, Grace finds herself in a surprising dilemma. With an obvious chemistry sizzling between herself and the billionaire Dupont brother, Grace must decide whether to take the greatest risk of all. Should she listen to her heart or her head? Find out what Grace decides in this short stand-alone, hot and steamy billionaire romance, because it will melt your heart and end with a satisfaction you’ll savor. Comes with HEA! Get it now.


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