The Art of Passion by Kit McKenna Pdf

Download The Art of Passion by Kit McKenna Pdf.Lynzee Priddy was ready for a new life. She’d broken up with her overbearing boyfriend, who couldn’t seem to set the

bottle down. Then she moved home to the town she spent much of her childhood in so she could be closer to her sisters, and she was selling more art than ever.

Unfortunately, when she moved away from the man she had once hoped to marry, she discovered he had left her with an enormous obstacle to overcome all on her own.

Preston Kearney’s grandfather, tired of Preston’s playboy ways, issues an ultimatum – settle down, or else. He’s not ready to settle down, but not having his grandfather’s support could put a stranglehold on his business.

In a fit of desperation, he concocts a tempting plan that will solve his problem along with those of a beautiful, enigmatic woman he met recently. The plan goes better than expected. He enjoys her company and might even be falling for her, but can’t let go of his former life. Lynzee feels she has no choice but to walk away, taking a secret with her.

When he discovers her secret, will he be able to make her believe he’s a changed man and to give him a second chance? Or will she walk away to start all over again?


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