The Art of Creative Thinking by John Adair

The Art of Creative Thinking by John Adair PDF

How to Be Innovative and Develop Great Ideas (John Adair Leadership Library) 

The Art of Creative Thinking provides clear, practical guidelines for developing one’s powers as a creative thinker. Using examples of entrepreneurs, authors, scientists and artists, John Adair illustrates a key aspect of creativity in each chapter.

Stimulating and accessible, this book will help readers understand the creative process, overcome barriers to new ideas, learn to think effectively and develop a creative attitude. It will help them become more confident as a creative thinkers.

The Art of Creative Thinking provides a fresh concept of creative thinking. New ideas are the seeds of new products and services, and this book will open the door to them.


“There have been many books on creativity and creative thinking but this one avoids reducing creative thinking to a set of sequential steps.” – Business Executive

About the Author

John Adair is a leading authority on leadership and leadership development.  He advises many organizations in business, government, education, health and the voluntary sector.  Over a million managers worldwide have taken part in the Action-Centred Leadership programs he pioneered.  Adair is the author of over 50 books, including the leadership classic Not Bosses But Leaders, (Kogan Page), and he continues to write and teach throughout the world.

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