The Architecture Of Light by Sage Russell PDF

The Architecture Of Light by Sage Russell PDF

The Architecture Of Light – Welcome to the Second Edition! The Architecture of Light makes lighting design approachable. This vivid, image packed text of lighting concepts and techniques serves as the perfect companion for lighting design students and professionals alike. Built around a successful teaching curriculum, this text provides a logical step by step progression through the phases of conceptualizing, refining, drafting and presenting lighting design.

Written by a practicing professional lighting designer who is also an award winning design instructor, The Architecture of Light presents a perfect blend of visual design tools and fundamental lighting knowledge. In addition to theory and discussion, The Architecture of Light also provides complete chapters of common lighting details, case studies and a catalog of specific lighting tools. Every architect, interior designer and design student deserves a working knowledge of lighting design and this single book makes it possible.

What’s new – The Architecture Of Light

Besides new diagrams, design process ideas, sample projects and an expanded “basic luminaire” family, this second edition addresses the rapid changes that have affected the lighting design practice. Lighting design has been moving at a blistering pace over the last few years, primarily in the realms of code compliance, sustainable design, and of course light emitting diode (LED) technology.

Energy codes and compliance

The rolling wave of national and local energy compliance regulations has vastly expanded the responsibilities of the Lighting Designer. Expertise in these constantly changing codes is absolutely critical not only for outstanding design, but for efficiency in dealing with the documentation and third party software that demonstrate compliance. Whether it’s ASHRAE, DOE or your local codes, expertise is absolutely expected of the serious Lighting Designer.

Contents – The Architecture Of Light by Sage Russell

Part I:_The Fundamentals of Light Chapter 1 The Design Mentality Chapter 2 The Power and Purpose of Light Chapter 3 More Impact with Less Light Chapter 4 Adding Light in Layers Chapter 5 Physical Basics of Light Chapter 6 Physiology of Vision Chapter 7 The Color Science of Light Sources Chapter 8 Electric Light Sources

Part II: Designing Light Chapter 9 Textures of Light Chapter 10 Shapes of Light Chapter 11 Location of the Light Source Chapter 12 Building Light from Darkness Chapter 13 Developing Lighting Ideas Chapter 14 A Shortcut to Concepts in Light Chapter 15 Lighting That Works Chapter 16 Designing with Daylight Chapter 17 Graphic Tools: Rendering and Light Maps Chapter 18 Lighting Units and Measurements Chapter 19 Understanding Illuminance Levels Chapter 20 Lighting Calculations

Part III: Deliverables Chapter 21 Deciphering Manufacturers’Literature_and Luminaire Cut Sheets Chapter 22 Selecting Luminaires: A Basic Family Chapter 23 Switching, Dimming and Control Systems Chapter 24 The Preliminary Lighting Layout “Redline” Chapter 25 Luminaire Schedules and Cut Sheets Chapter 26 The Lighting Plan Chapter 27 Lighting Layouts for Residential Spaces Chapter 28 Lighting Layouts for Commercial Spaces Chapter 29 Common Lighting Details Chapter 30 Daylight and Electric Light Integration Details

Part IV: Final Thoughts on Design The Fundamental Lighting Design Process Green Design and Sustainability Designing with New Eyes Appendices Appendix A Glossary of Lighting Terms Appendix B Professional Organizations and Agencies

Appendix C Descriptive Words for Lighting Appendix D Directory of Contributors and Other Manufacturers

Author – The Architecture Of Light

Sage Russell is a freelance Lighting Designer in San Diego, California with project experience spanning from hospitality, corporate facilities and casinos, to galleries restaurants and residences. Sage also lectures nationally on lighting design and instructs at the Design Institute of San Diego. Sage received his primary education in Lighting focused Architectural Engineering from the University of Colorado under the tutelage of Professor David DiLaura.

Sage has worked continually in Architecture and Lighting Design ever since. Besides professional practice, Sage has returned to school for an education in classical art and further architectural studies. Since 2002, Sage has been a lighting design instructor at Design Institute San Diego, where he has honed his Lighting Design studio class into the foundation for the book: The Architecture of Light.

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