The Apologetics Study Bible by PDF

The Apologetics Study Bible by PDF

Download The Apologetics Study Bible by PDF book free online – From The Apologetics Study Bible by PDF: The Apologetics Study Bible helps today’s Christians better understand, defend, and proclaim their beliefs in this age of increasing moral and spiritual relativism.

More than one-hundred key questions and articles placed throughout the volume about faith and science prompt a rewarding study experience at every reading. Highlights of this thinking person’s edition of God’s Word include the full text of the popular HCSB translation, an introduction to each Bible book focusing on its inherent elements of apologetics, and profiles of historic Christian apologists from Justin Martyr to C.S. Lewis.

Also featured are valuable contributions from a who’s-who of modern apologists such as Chuck Colson, Norm Geisler, Hank Hanegraaff, Josh McDowell, Albert Mohler, Ravi Zacharias, and 90+ more contributors. Plus a special lead article from best-selling author Lee Strobel (The Case for Christ) on how “How Apologetics Changed My Life.”

Other features include full-color maps (5), charts (11), and a timeline of Christian apologists and their works, 132 articles, two-color page layout, two-column text setting, presentation page, and two-piece die-cut gift box (excluding hardcover).


This is a very nice, well made Bible. Despite what other folks have said, this is well worth the money! The pages are, unlike what some people have said, just as thin as any other Bible. They are made thin so that the whole bible can be fit into a smaller sized binding. Old bibles used to be huge because they had thick pages. To make them easier to carry around and read, they started making thinner pages. Also, the HCSB is a great version of the Bible! It’s taken from the same script that the KJV was taken from so you know that you’re reading a trustworthy version. There are so many helpful and informative extras in this Bible that I cannot wait to read them all! Also, I would like to point out that although it might seem as if the introduction page to Genesis is misprinted, they are all printed with the same design. Genesis through Revelation, they all have the same design. And lastly, the only pages that are “busy”, as one reviewer put, are the introduction pages and a few other special pages. The idea that it is too “busy” is purely that, an idea. It’s an opinion. Personal preferences differ, but too me, none of the pages are “busy.” Over all this bible is one of the best I’ve seen. I definitely recommend that everybody buys one!


Details About The Apologetics Study Bible PDF

  • Name: The Apologetics Study Bible: Understand Why You Believe
  • Authors: Ted Cabat
  • Publish Date: October 1, 2007
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Christian Bible, Apologetics
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 22 MB
  • Pages: 2048
  • Price: Free
  • ISBN: 158640024X

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