The Alien’s Blade by Ella Blake PDF

The Alien’s Blade by Ella Blake PDF

Download The Alien’s Blade by Ella Blake PDF book free. What’s worse than waking up from a hibernation cell fifty-two years after being abducted? Nothing. No, wait—a wise-cracking alien hunk with a killer smile who doesn’t let me out of his sight, that’s what.

Wulfrex knows every inch of his massive space cruiser and makes it impossible for me to steal it. When I try to “borrow” one of his shuttles to get home to Earth, I find myself outsmarted by him again and accidentally pulled into a mission with far-reaching implications I could never have foreseen. The beautiful human female makes my fangs and, eh, other things, ache. I know more about power converters and fusion drives than females, and Dani doesn’t want to be anyone’s mate—especially mine. Worse, she’s an assassin, determined to get off our ship no matter what. Even if it means stealing aboard my shuttle as I embark on a dangerous rescue mission. She’s capable with a blaster and hoards her secrets, but I will claim her heart.

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