Texting My Moms Ex by Flora Ferrari PDF

Texting My Moms Ex by Flora Ferrari PDF

Download Texting My Moms Ex by Flora Ferrari PDF book free. This crush won’t quit. It’s inappropriate as hell. I’m all grown up, and he’s back in my life. My mom’s ex. The man she hates. He promised my dad he’d always be there. After Dad passed, Jaxson was true to his word, swinging by when I was younger. Before the fallout. Before whatever happened between him and Mom.

My bet is they slept together, and the thought makes me sick. Jaxson gave us his number… in case of emergencies. Well, Mom’s crazy ex definitely counts as one. Jaxson comes and handles the problem. He’s got everything a girl could want in a man, even a shy girl—even one with zilch in the experience department. Look up V-card in the dictionary, and you’ll see my face. When Mom sees him, she freaks. She says I can’t ever see him again. I’m broken… but then, a simple thing. A simple and beautiful thing. A text, just one at first, but now we can’t stop. What happens when Mom finds out? Why does Jaxson keep going hot and cold, texting steamily and obsessively, and then nothing? This hurts, but hell, what would Dad think if he were here?

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