Textbook of Orthopedics by John Ebnezar 4th Ed

Textbook of Orthopedics 4th Edition PDF

Textbook of Orthopedics – This book is a comprehensive guide to orthopaedics for postgraduate medical students. The book covers numerous injuries and disorders, with each topic beginning with an overview of relevant anatomy, followed by principles and methods of diagnosis and clinical and surgical management.

Each chapter includes a brief summary outlining key points, as well as example X-Rays for the topic in discussion.

About the Author

John Ebnezar is in a league of his own when it comes to orthopedic writing. He has singly authored close to 18 books in the field of orthopedics and is still counting. This is truly a global record unprecedented and unparalleled in the history of orthopedics. He now has books for wide range of people starting from the undergraduate medical students, postgraduate students in orthopedics, practicing orthopedic surgeons, physiotherapy students, nursing students, students of alternative medicines and most importantly even the general public.

What is significant is that all his books have been successful and have been universally appreciated and accepted, His books have gone global with as many as six books of his being released internationally and the Textbook of Orthopedics being stocked in the prestigious NHS Trust libraries across UK and he even has an Italian edition of the same book. His Step-by-Step Injection techniques in Orthopedics has been published by the prestigious Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins of USA, a first for any Indian orthopedic surgeon.

All his books have been accepted very well and he has a great fan following all over the world with even the Pakistani Orthopedic Surgeons requesting him to bring out an edition for them. He has now written books for many major medical book publication houses of India. He has been bestowed with as many as 18 International, National and State awards. He has presented various papers in scientific journals. He has been a guest speaker and faculty in various International, National and State level conferences and CME’s and is known as a very good orator. He has conducted various National and State Conferences in the Field of orthopedics.

He is the pioneer in holistic orthopedics and is credited for discovering this new method of treatment in orthopedics and currently doing PhD in Yoga. He is carrying out as many as six original research amalgamating yoga as a treatment module in chronic orthopedic disorders and even in fracture treatment.

He is certainly the first orthopedic surgeon in the world to do so. He has truly put Indian Orthopedics on a global map as far as othopedic writing is concemed and deserves rich accolades. He is a co-opted member of the prestigious Indian Journal of Orthopedics and is a reviewer. He is also involved in lots of social and educational activities through his Trust and Academy. Undoubtedly he is a multi-faceted personality in orthopedics.

Like all the previous editions, this fourth edition also carries his flavor of simple and lucid writing, excellent language, beautiful illustrations and excellent presentation of the topics. This book is elevated to the postgraduate level and is the first short comprehensive Indian postgraduate orthopedic textbook and fulfills a long pending demand and requirement of postgraduate students and teachers.