Textbook of Engineering Drawing by Reddy K. Venkata

Textbook of Engineering Drawing

An engineering drawing, a type of technical drawing, is used to fully and clearly define requirements for engineered items.

Engineering drawing (the activity) produces engineering drawings (the documents). More than merely the drawing of pictures, it is also a language—a graphical language that communicates ideas and information from one mind to another.

Table of Contents

Contents: Foreword. Preface – Engineering drawing .

1. Drawing instruments and accessories.

2. Lettering and dimensioning practices.

3. Scales.

4. Geometrical constructions.

5. Orthographic projections.

6. Projection of solids.

7. Development of surfaces.

8. Intersection of surfaces.

9. Isometric projection.

10. Oblique and perspective projections.

11. Conversion of Isometric views to orthographic views and vice versa.

12. Sections of solids.

13. Freehand sketching.

14. Computer Aided Design and Drawing (CADD). Worksheets. Annexure.

Objective Type Questions. Answers. Model Question Papers. “Salient Features: Provided simple step by step explanations to motivate self study of the subject.

Free hand sketching techniques are provided. Worksheets for free hand practice are provided. A new chapter on Computer Aided Design and Drawing (CADD) is added.”.