Textbook of Clinical Neuroanatomy by Vishram Singh

Textbook of Clinical Neuroanatomy 2nd Edition pdf

Textbook of Clinical Neuroanatomy – This book is primarily designed for undergraduate medical and dental students. Also, it is an authoritative reference source for postgraduates and practicing neurologists and neurosurgeons.

Key Features

  • All chapters revised and updated, including
    • details on cranial nerves and their lesions, blood supply and cerebrovascular accidents, motor and sensory disorders.
    • new line diagrams, and real life photographs and MRI scans.
  • Simple, to-the-point, easy-to-understand exam-oriented text
  • Numerous, four coloured, large sized, and easy-to-draw diagrams
  • Text provides unique problem based clinical and functional perspective

Table of Contents – Textbook of Clinical Neuroanatomy

Development of the Nervous System

Organization and Functions of the Nervous System

Peripheral Nerves and Ganglia

Receptors and Effectors

Dermatomes and Muscular Activity

Central Nervous System: An Overview
Spinal Cord


Nuclei, Functional Components and Distribution of Cranial Nerves

10 Cerebellum and Fourth Ventricle

11 Diencephalon and Third Ventricle

12 Cerebrum

13 Basal Nuclei (Basal Ganglia)

14 White Matter of the Cerebrum and Lateral Ventricles

15 Blood Supply of the Brain

16 Meninges and Cerebrospinal Fluid

17 Somatic Motor and Sensory Pathways

18 Special Senses and Their Neural Pathways

19 Reticular Formation and Limbic System

20 Autonomic Nervous System 

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