Tempt Me, If You Dare by Alyssa Clarke PDF 

Download Tempt Me, If You Dare by Alyssa Clarke PDF book free. If there is ever a time to be wicked, it is when a lady is considered an unmarriageable wallflower….Firmly regulated on the shelf as a wallflower, Miss Felicity Harrington has little hope for her future.

Unwilling to remain as a lady’s companion forever, she accepted a devilish earl’s outrageous offer that she pretends to be his fiancée for a few weeks. Phineas Lambton, the Earl of Wyndham, will only marry when he is ready. To escape his family’s frequent ridiculous attempts at forcing his hand, it seemed a brilliant plan to invent a fake fiancée until his grandmother’s waning health forces him to produce his mysterious bride-to-be. Despite tender touches, long walks, and arousing kisses with the delightful Miss Harrington, Phineas knows everything between them is merely a pretense. Little did he suspect that his entire world was about to be complicated by one wickedly alluring wallflower and a scheming matchmaking grandmother.


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