Tamed By a Billionaire by J. J. Sorel Pdf

Download Tamed By a Billionaire by J. J. Sorel Pdf.They grew up together… A farmer’s daughter, and the son of a billionaire. That kiss they shared as sixteen-year-olds

never quite left her lips.

Now she’s older…

One night he enters their local bar where she’s performing her original songs. He’s sad due to a family tragedy and Mirabel’s the only woman he can think of sharing his grief with.

They end up sharing more than that…

She keeps reminding herself that he’s a playboy— an eligible billionaire with women swooning at his pampered feet.
He’s tired of that lifestyle. But Mirabel’s too guarded to believe him. So that when he develops old farmland close to her heart, she finds good reason to hate him and block his advances. Only it’s not so black and white.

It was love at first fight for him. Mirabel, however, wants to run before he breaks her heart.

Only she’s in for a surprise…

Even hot billionaires can change… Can’t they?

Although this second book in Lovechilde Saga is an Enemies to Lovers stand-alone romance with a HEA conclusion, secrets connected to the complicated Lovechilde Dynasty continue to unfold throughout the series.


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