Taken By the Dark Elf King by Charlotte Swan Pdf

Download Taken By the Dark Elf King by Charlotte Swan Pdf.

Princess Elveena has never seen a dark elf in her life.

As princess of the light of elves, their two kinds have been separated since before her birth. When a royal messenger arrives inviting them to a ball hosted by the king of the dark elves, Elvie knows she cannot pass up on this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Even after the warnings from her father, Elvie knows this will be a night she’ll never forget.

She expected to end the night with sore feet from the endless hours of dancing…not to be engaged to the king himself!

Trapped in this new kingdom, Elvie knows she must make the most of her new situation. With each passing day she learns that King Arkain is not what she thought a dark elf would be like. Sure he is mean and beastly compared to the males she is used to but, Elvie quickly finds that to be the reason he excites her so much.

As the threat of war looms, will this budding passion between Elvie and the king continue to blossom? Or will she lose herself and all that she loves in the process?


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