Taken By a Mafia King By Hlengiwe Mathebula Pdf

Taken By a Mafia King By Hlengiwe Mathebula Pdf

Download Taken By a Mafia King By Hlengiwe Mathebula Pdf book free online – from Taken By a Mafia King By Hlengiwe Mathebula Pdf book; Zekhethelo is a 24 year old car mechanic coming from a loving and supportive family. She lives a normal life but that changes as soon as a Mafia King knocks on her door.

Zwelibanzi is a ruthless mafia king who stops at nothing to make her his. He even kills her boyfriend of 4 years and then sends the pictures of his chopped body. And goes on to threaten to kill her father with her watching if she says no one more time.

She says yes so that her father gets to live. Their marriage is not as good as it appears to other people. But then again she didn’t marry out of love. At first Zweli is a monster r****g her everytime he gets a chance. But one day things changes, he treats her well.

Just when Zekhethelo thinks things are finally going well Zwelibanzi wants her out of the hotel he calls home and out of his life. She has no choice so she leaves…


I’m lying on the coach watching my favourite series for the hundredth time when someone knocks. I look at the time it’s almost midnight. Who might that be? I pause the DVD player. This is my favourite scene, I’m so annoyed.

“Who is it?” I ask looking at the watch on the wall just above the TV again.

“We’re looking for the mechanic” replies a male voice.

“Come back tomorrow at 10am. It’s almost midnight. I closed the workshop almost 5 hours ago” I reply. He doesn’t say anything.

Who needs a car mechanic at this time of the night?

He left, I’m about to press play when there’s a loud knock on the door. I asked my neighbours so many times not to direct people to my house. Stupid neighbours.

“Open the damn door. We need to see the mechanic” comes a very deep voice. If I wasn’t this annoyed I was going to be charmed by it.

“Come back tomorrow at 10am, I’ll see what I can do since regular clients have booked appointments” I reply.

“Open the damn door young lady” the voice threatens, but I’m not having it. Just because they are going to be paying me doesn’t mean they have to disrespect me like that. I press play and watch my favourite scene. Just when I think they left, they continue banging the door. I’m so annoyed if I had a gun, I’d open the door shoot and kill the guy. I walk over to the door. As soon as I open the door, the atmosphere changes, wasn’t I feeling hot just now? It’s like it’s suddenly winter right in the middle of a summer night. A very powerful tall guy is standing there looking at me. He’s so annoyed if he was a cartoon character I’d see smoke coming out of his ears, but guess what? I’m also pissed.

“How can I help you Mister?” I ask him.

“I need to see the mechanic, right now” he commands.

“You’re looking at the mechanic and I told you to come back tomorrow morning at 10am. Which part do you find hard to understand? You look like a very clever guy” I reply really pissed. He doesn’t answer instead I hear someone laughing, he’s not alone.

“I’m not here for your stupid games. I said I need to see the mechanic” he tells me still looking pissed and very handsome I must say.

“Come back tomorrow, I need to rest” I tell him closing the door, but he puts the tip of his expensive shoe to block the door. That’s the problem with rich people they think they can order us around because we are not loaded like them.

“Hello. My friend here doesn’t know how to speak. We are on our way to Free State. We have a very important meeting, and our car broke down. We really need your help. We have to be there by 10am, so can you kindly call the mechanic for us” he tells me smiling. Taken By a Mafia King By Hlengiwe Mathebula Pdf

“I’m the mechanic” I reply. I get that a lot. A 24 year old female mechanic is not something common.

“Okay, can you please help us?” he asks smiling like he doesn’t believe me.

“Okay let me change to my overalls. Give me 5 minutes” if he didn’t ask me so nice, I wasn’t going to help them.

“I’m not going to allow you to fix my car” Mr Deep Voice comments when I’m heading to my room.

I change and take the car keys, I’m not going to use their car. I don’t even know why I’m going with them during the time of the night. I take my dad’s Toyota Tazz and I tell them to follow me. I drive to the workshop. It’s a 10 minutes’ drive.

Ten minutes later, I open the roller door at the garage. They drive in. I wasn’t expecting this kind of a car, I mean the guys look super wealthy and the way they carry themselves but I guess you can’t judge a guy by the way he dresses or the way he carries himself. They are driving a Toyota Conquest. No wonder it’s giving them problems these cars are very old. I turn to the driver, since he’s the one driving he’ll tell me what’s up. I look at the car because the driver doesn’t know what’s wrong. It’s the starter, they are so lucky I have new starters here because most of my clients drive this model and their most common problem is starter so to make things simple I buy a lot of starters for them.

“Here’s your cheque” the driver tells me handing it over. I’m so pissed I don’t even look at it I put it in my pocket. They leave I lock up and head home. As soon as I get home I head straight to my room and I fall asleep immediately.


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