Take the Leap by Sara Bliss

Change Your Career, Change Your Life

Take the Leap by Sara BlissAn inspirational road map for going after your dream job, Take the Leap is packed with true stories from over 75 people who transformed their lives and expert advice on how you can do it too.

Admit it. You sometimes fantasize about living a completely different life. Whether you see yourself selling a screenplay, living abroad, inventing the next big thing, launching a new app, running your own winery, landing a steady paycheck, creating a charity, or making travel your fulltime job—what is stopping you?

People have millions of reasons why they aren’t doing what they really want: “It’s not practical. It’s not realistic. It will never happen. It’s just a pipe dream.” Just imagine though if it could actually be your life.

The best advice always comes from people who have been exactly where you are—standing at a crossroads, wanting to jump on a new idea and try something completely different. Take the Leap is packed with stories of over 75 men and women who took their great idea and implemented it, who changed their careers, ultimately transforming their lives. Their wisdom paired with expert guidance will inspire anyone ready to make a radical life change.

Each chapter focuses on a different type of career switch. If you are looking for more adventure, ready for your turn in the spotlight, want to make the world a better place, turn your hobby into a career, break into tech, or make money in a creative field, you will find real-life stories of people who did.

We meet a Texas tax attorney who now runs a surf school in Nicaragua, the Hollywood exec who sold all of his possessions to fund a charity, the singer who is fronting a hit band at 71, the doula turned Wall Street heavyweight—and many more. They offer advice on everything from getting out of a rut to taking risks, handling naysayers, making sacrifices, and redefining success. Take the Leap is a career guide for today’s ever-changing job market and will inspire everyone dreaming of their own next chapter to go for it.


“Have you ever fantasized about making a massive life change to pursue a dream job in travel? Take the Leap is about to become your how-to guide.”

“I’ve always believed that a fresh perspective is the key to disrupting an industry or acing a new career. I’ve switched up my career multiple times and it keeps things interesting. If you are ready to go for the life and the job you really want, Take the Leap is the go-to book for anyone making a career change.
—Bobbi Brown

“Get ready to leap! A great career should be like a rollercoaster: exhilarating, scary with lots sharp turns.”
—Simon Doonan, Barneys New York creative ambassador 

“This book doesn’t just tell you that you can change your life. It shows you how. Take the Leap is filled with valuable advice for any budding entrepreneur, along with the stories to back it up.”
—Barbara Corcoran


“OK, so you’ve been wanting to leave your crappy job forever, or finally start that podcast you’ve been sitting on for months. Sara Bliss has compiled the stories of over 65 people who took the very leap you’ve been afraid to take, and shares their advice for how to dive into the next chapter of your career, creative and personal life.”

“Sometimes… people hear a quiet voice inside their heads insisting that the life they currently have isn’t the life they should be living. Bliss interviewed over 65 people for whom that whisper became a shout… The diverse interviews will undoubtedly resonate with different readers for a myriad of reasons, making this book a helpful text for both entrepreneurs and those on a self-help journey.”
—Sarah Steers, Booklist

“Feeling stuck in your career? Lost in your life? Grab Take the Leap and read every page. You’ll have a personal coach, cheering you on. Sara Bliss does the hard work for you. Read all about the careers of talented, successful people, and how they pivoted dreams and careers. Each chapter is filled with sound advice from people like entrepreneur Bobbi Brown, businesswoman Barbara Corcoran, and NFL athlete Aaron Maybin.”

“If you are ready to go for the life and job you really want, Take the Leap by Sara Bliss is the go-to book for anyone making a career change.”

“Sara Bliss has assembled one of the best collections ever of short but super effective, inspiration-boosting insights into the professional journeys of over fifty entrepreneurs and business people from fields as varied as farming to financial advising.”

“If you’re yearning to make a change in your career, you need to check out this book. Take the Leap features inspiration and advice from more than 65 people who have made massive leaps in their careers. With this guide, you can definitely build a roadmap towards making your dreams come true.

About the Author

Sara Bliss is an author, speaker, brand advisor and New York Times bestselling author. A Forbes contributor covering career pivots, Sara’s articles have also appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Travel and Leisure, and Yahoo. Sara is the co-author and author of eleven books including Hotel Chic at Home and Beauty from the Inside Out with beauty and wellness guru Bobbi Brown. Sara’s eleventh book Take the Leap has been featured in The New York Times, GOOP, and the TODAY show. 

Originally published: 4 December 2018

AuthorSara Bliss

Genre: Self-help book

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