Surrendering to a Fiery Lady by Henrietta Harding Pdf

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After the death of her father, Miss Ophelia Townsend, discovers his fortune has been left to her, much to the dismay of her vicious stepmother, Gertrude. While Gertrude wants the money, and is trying to force her into marrying her nephew, the ravishing Ophelia is too headstrong to bear being controlled and refuses to marry a known rogue. Therefore, when she meets the captivating Duke of Northmore, she sees an opportunity… As the sizzling attraction between them is undeniable and with everything at stake, Ophelia places all her trust in her arrangement with Elliot.

Can the tempting Duke be her answer to escaping this forced marriage?

Elliot Fillmore, the Duke of Northmore, is facing financial ruin. His late parents have left him in a debt so large, it seems there is only one way to solve his problems; find a lady with a good dowry to marry. The plan is not so simple, though, for the ton whisper of him and the gossip separates him from any eligible woman. Thus, when he sees the tantalising Ophelia for the first time, he is afraid she will stay away from him, until she proposes a devilish arrangement…

He was not looking for trouble, but what will he do when it finds him?

On a journey together, Ophelia and Elliot find themselves thrust into each other’s path. Determined to do anything to escape a forced marriage, the arrangement with Elliot seems like a perfect option for Ophelia. However, what starts as attraction, burns deeper into something neither of them is prepared for… With Gertrude hovering, determined not to let go of the fortune, they have to decide if their lustful affair is worth the gamble. After all, can a scandalous plan turn into a lifetime of love or will it go down in flames of despair?

“Surrendering to a Fiery Lady” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.


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