Sunset Tides by Amelia Addler PDF

Sunset Tides by Amelia Addler PDF

Download Sunset Tides by Amelia Addler PDF book free online. Lucy Woodley is ready for a new challenge. Lately, everything—including her job at a local farm—has started feeling too routine. But then a stubborn, focused, and entirely too handsome hedge fund manager shows up and gives her more of a challenge than she ever could’ve bargained for.

Rob Coolidge has no interest in small town living. He’s here to make money and earn a promotion—even if he has to destroy a family farm to do it. Business always comes first. But the more time he spends with the tenacious, loyal, and distractingly lovely Lucy, the less appealing his business becomes.

About the Author

Amelia Addler writes always sweet, always swoon-worthy romance and women’s fiction stories and believes that everyone deserves their own happily ever after. Her soulmate is a man who once spent five weeks driving her to work at 4AM after her car broke down (and he didn’t complain, not even once). She is lucky enough to be married to that man and they live in Pittsburgh with their little yellow mutt.

Download Sunset Tides by Amelia Addler PDF


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