Successful Time Management for Dummies by Dirk Zeller

Successful Time Management for Dummies

Successful Time Management for Dummies – Do you need help with time management? Need to better manage your time at work or at home? Feel like there are never enough hours in the day? Successful Time Management For Dummies delivers practical solutions for getting organized, working better and faster, reducing stress, and getting rid of time-wasting distractions. You’ll find out how to eliminate late nights at the office and spend more time with your family, friends, or even just yourself!

This authoritative, plain-English guide shows you how to set yourself up for success, overcome common time management obstacles, and focus your efforts on your most important tasks and objectives. It explains how to determine the value of your time, provides fantastic tips on streamlining your workspace to speed up the flow, and even helps you minimize or eliminate interruptions from your workday. You’ll discover how to:

  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses and establish goals
  • Create a routine and make the most of time-saving technology
  • Prioritize daily efforts, block off time, plug in to-do items
  • Grasp the time-equals-money concept and boost your hourly income
  • Create an environment that fosters solid focus and establish boundaries
  • Eliminate time-wasting behaviors and promote time-efficient habits
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Say goodbye late nights at the office and enjoy your leisure time more

At work or at play, don’t let time pass you by. Get Successful Time Management For Dummies and make the most of every precious minute!


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From the Back Cover

Practical strategies and advice for putting time on your side—and keeping it there!

Feel like you never have enough hours in the day? No matter what career and job role you’re in, this plain-English guide delivers solutions for working better and faster, getting rid of time-wasting distractions, and ultimately, reducing stress. You’ll see how to eliminate late nights at the office and spend more time with family, friends — or even yourself!

  • Set yourself up for success — assess your strengths and weaknesses, establish goals, and create a routine
  • Overcome time-management obstacles — communicate more effectively, circumvent interruptions, and eliminate procrastination
  • Focus your efforts — identify your most important tasks, prioritize your daily efforts, block off time, and plug in to-do items
  • Put a value on your time — grasp the time-equals-money concept, figure your hourly income, and boost your hourly value
  • Streamline your workspace — assemble essential tools, keep a clutter-free desktop, and create an environment that fosters solid focus
  • Find a work/life balance — maximize the use of your personal time and enjoy a rich, rewarding life away from the office

Open the book and find:

  • Specific insight addressing challenges for admin staff, salespeople, owners and executives, and managers
  • Tools to help organize your physical and electronic workspace for optimal productivity
  • Suggestions for using traveling time well
  • Strategies for communicating directly, effectively, and tactfully
  • Tips and tricks for handling interruptions and ending procrastination
  • Guidance for working efficiently with supervisors, colleagues, and business associates

About the Author

Dirk Zeller is a top time manager and sales performer as well as the author of Success as a Real Estate Agent For Dummies and Telephone Sales For Dummies. For the past decade, he has taught success, sales, and time management strategies and coached executives, managers, and salespeople. Zeller is one of the most sought-after speakers in time management.

Originally published: 13 November 2008

AuthorDirk Zeller

Genre: Self-help book