Storm Warning by Nellie Wilson PDF

Storm Warning by Nellie Wilson PDF

Download Storm Warning by Nellie Wilson PDF book free online. I’m used to people writing me off as a joke, a peppy blonde with a Southern accent who couldn’t possibly know anything. But this is my spring. I’ve got a fully-funded two weeks to chase tornadoes and no one is getting in my way. Everything is organized and perfect until Julian Lehrer shows up as my co-pilot all summer. We’ve bounced in and out of each other’s lives for almost a decade, and if I know two things, it’s that I’m a damn good scientist and he is the second coming of Satan. It doesn’t help that I have a history of both wanting to strangle and kiss him.

Julian: Violet Franklin is the pink and glittered star of my nightmares. We disagree about everything except the fact that we cannot stand each other. I did not anticipate spending two weeks chasing tornadoes with her. I also didn’t realize we’d end up teaming up against our two idiot funders and that watching her drive an SUV would turn me on so much. It’s harder and harder to remember why we started fighting in the first place, and easier and easier to remember how we’ve ended up half naked with each other in years past.

Download Storm Warning by Nellie Wilson PDF


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