Stolen Tutor by Carina Blake Pdf

Download Stolen Tutor by Carina Blake Pdf.She crossed enemy lines, playing a dangerous game with a man hellbent on revenge and hungry for her.

The day I learned of Lucy, she became my prey, the object of my obsession, and now, completely mine. She might be here under the guise of being a tutor, but I know her kind well, full of deception. Her blood is full of it.

I walked into a trap. Foolishly lured in by devious men fighting their own wars, but all that mattered was protecting the little girl forced to be in the middle. Still, my captor has made sure that his niece wasn’t the only one getting a thorough education. There were things only Niccolò could teach me, and heaven forbid, if another man tried.

Formerly published in the Dark Obsessions Anthology


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