Stolen Mate by Jessica Wayne Pdf

Download Stolen Mate by Jessica Wayne Pdf.I signed my wife’s death warrant.
An alpha without my beta, I’m a soldier with no moral compass.

A savage beast with no chain.
The king stole my wife. My mate. My beloved.
I’ve killed for far less.
Even as the curse has been broken, I’ve never felt such bloodlust.
Such a driving need to paint the realm crimson.
And before the first snow dusts the Shadow Lands, I will have his head on a f*cking spike.

Get your copy of the third book in this action-packed, steamy, shifter romance today!

The third book in Jessica Wayne’s Shadow Cursed series is perfect for anyone who craves a high-stakes romance where it’s literally them against the entire world. .

Author’s note: This series has darker elements including graphic violence, on-page spice, and mentions of torture and abuse. For mature readers only.


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