Spirit-Controlled Temperament by Tim LaHaye

Spirit-Controlled Temperament

Spirit-Controlled Temperament – A superb treatment of the basic human temperaments and how God can use them, now revised with new chapters and questions for group study.

Book Review by Brandon Matuja

I’m aware that the basic propositions and theories of this book will discourage many Christian readers; it will be observed that the Holy Bible never expressly deals with the ancient Four Temperaments theory, and that its origins seems to be definitely pagan.

Hippocrates (the ancient physician known especially for the Hippocratic Oath which is still taken and followed by physicians today; and which has many Christian ethical precepts contained in it, including but not limited to the forbidding of performing abortions) was the first one, perhaps, to popularize the theory.

It may also be objected, by some, that the Four Temperaments really became popular during the Dark Ages and the Medieval Period, when most of science and theology was quite askew, superstitious, or corrupt.

To these objections I would like to propose some arguments in favor of the Four Temperaments theory.

The first I would propose is the notion, advanced by some, that Luke the Evangelist, as a Gentile/Greek doctor, would have likely been familiar with the Four Temperaments theory, and may even have taken the Hippocratic Oath, or otherwise followed the practices of Hippocrates in his ethics and healing methods.

But that is speculative.

Mostly, I would recommend study of the Four Temperaments theory — using this book in particular as a reference and guide — because I believe that it is not contrary to Biblical claims nor to Jesus Christ Himself, the Lord and Savior. I believe that reading this book prayerfully and with discernment is a great idea for Christians.

I also know of no better guide than this, to explain why there are so many enmities, divisions, contentions, and so much strife and difference of “temperament” amongst believers in the Christian Church today. (Indeed, this book can help explain the problems of mankind, and of God’s own people, from Eden and onward!) Personally, I was very vexed, as a young Christian, to come to learn, firsthand, about so much strife and sin amongst Christians (myself included), and I definitely believe this is one of the most important books the Lord has sent my way, as it were, and it has helped me reach much peace and understanding amongst all of the debates and strife!

One of the main drawbacks of such a great book as this, is that its teaching won’t appeal all of the temperaments discussed within it! (Perhaps because its information is too “dangerous” or “deep” for those who benefit, somewhat, from people’s ignorance of such matters as these?)

Yet I must still recommend this book highly, even though it won’t be read by many, because of the understanding and peace it will help give some, in these troubled times. There are simpler reasons for human discord and strife than what appears on the surface.

I do not agree with all of Dr. LaHaye’s end-times views (made popular by the LEFT BEHIND fictional series, which he co-authored), but I agree that the teachings within this book of his are important.

Editorial Reviews

From the Back Cover

Who am I? What makes me do the things I do?

Timeless questions. You’ve asked them, as have philosophers and theologians for thousands of years. In “Spirit-Controlled Temperament, ” Tim LaHaye provides answers patterned after ancient models of human behavior and grounded in the Word of God, making this a classic read for all Christians.

Temperament. You’re born with distinct strengths, but also weaknesses that can hold you back. God wants to transform your natural weaknesses to make you a dynamic, effective Christian who lives above anger, fear, depression, and selfishness.

In “Spirit-Controlled Temperament, ” find out who you are-predominantly Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy, or Phlegmatic. But more important, find out who you can become.

Revised and expanded edition. Includes a 13-session study guide.

About the Author

TIM LAHAYE┬áis an internationally known author, teacher, and expert on Bible prophecy. He is married to Beverly, who is the founder of the largest women’s organization in America, Concerned Women for America. The LaHayes live in southern California.

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