Sophia A Romance By Stanley J. Weyman PDF

Download Sophia A Romance By Stanley J. Weyman PDF book free online – From Sophia A Romance By Stanley J. Weyman PDF: For a moment Mr. Northey looked a little nonplussed. Then, “Well, you can–you can bow to him,” he said, pluming himself on his discretion in leaving the rein a trifle slack to begin. “If he force himself upon you, you will rid yourself of him with as little delay as possible. The mode I leave to you, Sophia; but speech with him I absolutely forbid. You will obey in that on pain of my most serious displeasure.”

“On pain of bread and water, miss!” her sister cried venomously. “That will have more effect, I fancy. Lord, for my part, I should die of shame if I thought that I had encouraged a nameless Irish rogue not good enough to ride behind my coach. And all the town to know it.”

Rage dried the tears that hung on Sophia’s lids. “Is that all?” she asked, her head high. “I should like to go if that is all you have to say to me?”

“I think that is all,” Mr. Northey answered.

“Then–I may go?”

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