Sonifying Processing: The Beads Tutorial By Evan X. Merz PDF

Download Sonifying Processing: The Beads Tutorial By Evan X. Merz PDF book free online – Free Sonifying Processing: The Beads Tutorial By Evan X. Merz PDF: This book introduces audio programming to Processing programmers through the Beads library. It covers topics such as synthesis, sampling and general sound-mangling in such a way that is appropriate for beginners, or more experienced programmers who want to expand their repetoire.

Sonifying Processing shows students and artists how to bring sound into their Processing programs. It takes a hands-on approach, incorporating examples into every topic that is discussed. Each section of the book explains a sound programming concept then demonstrates it in code.

The examples build from simple synthesizers in the first few chapters, to more complex sound-manglers as the book progresses. Each step of the way is examined at a level that is simple enough for new learners, and comfortable for more experienced programmers.

Topics covered include Additive Synthesis, Frequency Modulation, Sampling, Granular Synthesis, Filters, Compression, Input/Output, MIDI, Analysis and everything else an artist may need to bring their Processing sketches to life.

About the Authors

  • Evan Merz (b. 1981) is a DMA candidate in UCSC’s algorithmic composition program. He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science from the University of Rochester in 2004, and a Master’s Degree in computer music from NIU in 2010. His primary interest is biological and bottom-up approaches to computer-assisted composition, which he explores in new algorithmic composition software written in java/processing. Evan works heavily as a freelance composer, scoring for numerous video games and television productions. He is also the SEAMUS Webmaster and the blogger at
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