Snowed In at the Event Center by Catelyn Meadows Pdf

Download Snowed In at the Event Center by Catelyn Meadows Pdf.She made a list of what she wanted in a husband. Might be time to check it…twice.

Junie Harper is no stranger to the rumor that Santa’s radio brings couples together. She’s heard stories of the radio’s matchmaking magic her whole life. As a child, Junie created a list of everything she wanted in a husband, just to make sure Santa paired her with the right person.

But Santa never got the list. It was still in her stocking Christmas morning. And though the radio played for her and Harper’s Inn’s chef, Mason Devries, Mason is nothing like the qualities she’d specified she wanted all those years before.

When nothing comes of the radio’s interference, the two play it off and attempt to pretend the connection they experienced never happened. But when a flurry on the mountaintop traps Junie and Mason together at the inn’s event center, they discover that Santa isn’t done with them yet.

Fans of close proximity, Santa magic, and second chance romance will love this adorable installment in the Snowed In for Christmas Clean Romance series by bestselling sweet romance author Catelyn Meadows!