Smokescreen by Jennifer Hayden Pdf

Download Smokescreen by Jennifer Hayden Pdf.Police officer Mila Barnes is starting a new life in Portland, Oregon. After a rough go at her previous department in

Eugene, she is anxious to start fresh. Almost immediately, she realizes she’s traded one bad situation for another. Her new partner immediately lets her know she’s going to have to prove herself. When they encounter a sticky situation and it goes awry, Mila finds her career on the line and her life at stake. Firefighter Liam Colson has been working to rebuild his own life after a nasty divorce. He and his young daughter are doing their best to adjust to their new normal when Mila walks into their lives. As both Mila and Liam navigate troubled waters, an attraction simmers between them, bringing them closer and closer together and forcing them to face the demons of their pasts.