Smart Girls Don’t Kiss Aliens by Alina Jacobs Pdf 

Download Smart Girls Don’t Kiss Aliens by Alina Jacobs Pdf book free. Crash-land on an alien barbarian planet and told there’s no way home? LMAO! I’m a rocket scientist. Miss me with that noise. Anyone else might have a nervous breakdown, but I was abducted with my besties! Between us, we have fifteen PhDs. We will be getting off this planet. Trust.

No, I will not be finding an eternal bonded mate among the seven-foot-tall alien males. No, I will not be wearing a furkini and walking around barefoot. And no, I will not be moving into a cave with no internet or running water and accepting my fate like the rest of the freed human women on this craft-cocktail-forsaken planet. Two liquid hydrogen rockets and a smidge of deep-space travel later, and we’re back home on Earth. Except that our spaceship had stowaways. Now there’s a seven-foot-tall alien named Cassius in my Los Angeles condo. He’s calmly explaining that, according to the ancestors, we are to be eternally mated and have a litter of children. Also, he’s wearing a loincloth. And he has horns. Wipe that smirk off your face. No, it is not as sexy as it sounds. He barked at my cat. He harassed my busybody Karen neighbor (actually, I’m okay with that one). And he’s obsessed with the ice maker in my fridge. What’s a smart girl to do? The smart thing is to build a rocket ship and send Cassius and his other hot alien friends back to their home planet. The not smart thing to do is fall into those deep blue-gray eyes and let him show me just how good that forked tongue feels. And the downright stupid thing to do is fall in love with an alien. This is a stand-alone full-length laugh-out-loud romantic comedy, complete with bad space puns, hot guys with horns, and enough steam to cause a supernova. Happily ever after guaranteed!