Small Scale Business Management By NOUN Pdf

Download Small Scale Business Management By NOUN Pdf book free online – from Small Scale Business Management By NOUN Pdf book; The main aim of this note is to equip you with adequate information on the concept and nature of Small Scale Business Enterprises, its characteristics and its roles in an economy. Topics covered includes: Management of Small Business, Characteristics and Business goals of Small Business Enterprises, Need for Small Business Enterprises, 

Before we give the definition of management, it is well to point out that one of the most important activities of human beings is managing. And the idea of managing the resources of a group started even since human beings started coming together and working in groups. This is important so that the objectives of the group can be attained through proper linking of the various activities being performed by the group members. As organizations, particularly formal organization like business organizations, ministries, schools including universities become large the task of the manager starts getting bigger
and more complex. And the aim of the manager is to promote excellence. Management is a word used by different people with varying meanings. The noun management is used as a collective noun to refer to all those who manage within a organization. That is why in an organization there are different people occupying different positions and seeing to it that the resources of such organizations are put into effective use. There are also those managers that assist other managers to perform their functions. They are all managers. The word management can also be used to separate a special class of people in an organization from other classes. You should have heard such statement as, `the management of the organization has taken a decision concerning the demand of the workers for higher pay’. Such statement is referring to those people that take decisions, whether a temporal decision or a final decision.

In trying to give a precise definition of management, it is always faced with problems. This is because of the interest and background of the person giving such definition. The accountant will like to see management in terms of cash flow: how much the organization is expending in other to get revenue or returns, as well as the timing of such expenditure and revenue. The marketing manager sees Management in terms of analyzing the consumer needs with a view to bring out a product or service capable of satisfying the needs and at a profit to the organization. The personnel manager on his own interest will regard management as employing suitably qualified candidates to fill existing vacancies and motivating them to work as a team toward the attainment of organizational objectives. We can go on and on.

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