Sliding Doors From PINKYS

At PINKYS, we make sure each door supplied meets the standards of our customers and we provide excellent service to all our clients. We are confident that you will be happy with the result and have no hesitation in recommending us to your friends and colleagues. Our products are made using best materials for metal, wood, PVCu, or composite panels. Sliding doors are a structural and aesthetic improvement for any home. Not only is a sliding door super functional, but it also adds an extra layer of privacy to the interior design of your room.

 A good sliding door can also act as a divider between two different rooms allowing an easy transition from one part of your apartment to another without disturbing anyone else’s space.

Consider the benefits of having sliding doors at your home. Sliding doors can be a comfort and convenience, whether you need to make room for a carer or you simply want to be able to enter and exit different rooms easily.

Aside from their practical purpose, wide sliding doors offer more aesthetic options and they don’t obstruct the view. They may even enhance the atmosphere in your home by creating warmth and lightness.

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Benefits of having sliding doors

Sliding doors add more space and flexibility to your home. They open up a whole other area – whether it is a balcony, an extension of your room, or an enclosed porch.

Like windows, sliding glass doors allow plenty of light into the house. This is especially true for the doors that aren’t framed by walls and windows, those that slide open from one side of the house to another like French doors or patio door sliders. Yet they also create privacy at times when needed and they can be easily closed when not in use.

Sliding glass doors add functionality to your home by allowing convenient access to entirely different areas within one room or between different rooms in a single space. For example, you can opt for a wall-free glass sliding door to provide access to your porch. Or you can install a door between the bathroom and the main room.

With their refined design, sliding doors enhance and modernize the home’s interiors. They are ideal for integrating into both ultra-modern and traditional spaces. When they are unobstructed by walls or other doors and windows, they add an airy, open dimension to your living space.

Sliding glass doors are easy to clean and maintain. Cleaning is possible with a simple wipe-down on both sides of the door frame with a damp cloth or sponge. When it comes to soap and water, you must use a cleaner that is safe for glass. Over time, they may require polishing so you can opt for either a DIY project or professional cleaning.

Sliding glass doors give options when it comes to the hardware used in their installation. You can install them with glide tracks or rollers as well as hinges with push handles included in their construction. These choices also affect their durability, with the latter being more durable and able to withstand heavy-duty use over time.

Furthermore, a sliding door gives you options when it comes to the speed of opening and closing.

Get the best and most beautiful sliding doors for your homes

PINKYS is proud to offer the best sliding doors. Known for quality, reliability, and an excellent warranty, these sliding doors will rejuvenate your property with style. Once installed, you’ll be benefiting from a practical and attractive investment that will beautify your home for years to come. The team at PINKYS guarantees excellence in all areas of design and construction from conceptualization to installation.

A sliding door will contribute to an improvement in your comfort level at home, as it allows you to make use of indoor space that would otherwise remain unused or underutilized during inclement weather. We’re here to help you choose the best sliding doors for your property, from our extensive range of models and styles.

The sliding door is designed to cover a large opening in a wall or floor to create an airy effect and brighten the space. Sliding doors are made of aluminum, glass, or vinyl panels that are suspended on a track. They can be solid or translucent depending on the size and desired effect. Customized frames can also add sophistication to the interior design as well as increase security where appropriate.

The team at PINKYS has been offering outstanding sliding doors for several decades. They are committed to the quality of their products, which they manufacture in their state-of-the-art workshops. PINKYS offers a wide variety of styles and sizes, so you can find the right sliding doors for your property. These are available to order today and you’ll know your sliding doors are manufactured to the highest standard once you receive them.

Likewise, you have a wide range of options when it comes to customization as well as accessories such as locks, handles, and tracks.

The versatility of sliding doors

The sliding door is a very versatile and appealing type of door. It can offer a lot of versatility that other types of doors cannot, such as being able to swing all the way open, slide up, or even go vertical. It also offers advantages like being easily accessible from both sides, not occupying any space when closed (except for an inch or two), and providing protection from the elements. It is very popular in high-traffic areas, such as the entrances of homes and businesses, as well as in recreation areas (such as pools) and even places that are not well protected from the elements.

Today’s exterior sliding doors come with many options to choose from. They have locks, hardware, handles, and latches that work with a variety of designs and looks. There are also two types of exterior sliding doors; vinyl-clad steel and vinyl-clad aluminum. This is because one type will look better than the other in certain situations, especially when it comes to protecting an area from the weather or for design purposes.