Six Girls By Fannie Belle Irving Pdf

Six Girls By  Fannie Belle Irving Pdf

Download Six Girls By Fannie Belle Irving Pdf book free online – from Six Girls By Fannie Belle Irving Pdf book; “Don’t I do it well?” Ernestine asked complacently, after she had gone through the entire balcony scene, with great success in the management of two characters.

“Yes, you do; how can you?” asked Bea, won from disapproval by wondering admiration.

“Easiest in the world. I’ve been through it ever so many times since papa took us to the city to see her. Oh, Bea! how happy she must be! I’d give worlds and worlds to be in her place,” cried Ernestine, with longing energy, and pacing restlessly up and down the grass. “I wonder if I ever can.”

“Indeed!” said Bea with decision. “The idea! what would papa and mama say; you, Ernestine Dering, parading out on a stage before crowds of people, and flying around like she did. Mercy on us!”

“I’d do it in a minute, and if I can’t now, I will sometime anyhow,” Ernestine exclaimed with emphasis. “I wasn’t born to be smuggled up in this little musty town all my life and I won’t, either. Some day I’ll do something desperate; you see if I don’t.”

“Well, I do declare!” said Bea slowly, having never witnessed quite such an energetic ending to Ernestine’s spells of restless dissatisfaction. “What talk! I think you’d better sit down and cool off now. Where are Olive and Jean?”

“Olive is sketching out on the roof, and crosser than thirteen sticks. Jean is asleep on the porch, and mama is out showing Huldah how to make cream puffings.”