DOWNLOAD SIWES REPORT- CIVIL ENGINEERING – Benejaf international limited is a fully integrated building and construction, mechanical, electrical engineering, equipment leasing and energy services company incorporated in Nigeria on the 11th day of August 1993 as a limited liability company No 228,319 . the head office is located at plot 150 East/West Road, Nkpolu Rumuigbo Port Harcourt, River state of Nigeria with branch office in Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, and Jos.

Benejaf international limited is a leading company providing solutions that help businesses, government agencies of every size, description and location.


* Civil/Building/Electrical/Mechanical engineering works

* Pipeline Engineering

* Inspection Services

* Maintenance and Environmental

* Consultancy Services

* Equipment Leasing

* Project Management Consultancy


  1. Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC)
  2. Total Nigeria Limited
  3. Mesojofy Oil Services Limited
  4. Elf Petroleum Nigeria Limited
  5. Jimz Investment Nigeria Limited
  6. University Of Port Harcourt.

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Microbiology SIWES Report



The ability to identify the equipment (machines) used in the course of a civil engineering (road) construction is indispensable. And in lieu of this, the company’s instructor led the team of I.T students on familiarization tour of the equipment.

The following are some of the equipments owned and used for operations in the company:-

Excavators: This machine is used for the removal of the soil layer which does not support the construction work.

Water Trucks: The machine is used for moisturizing the surface under construction to remove air pollution in the dry season and to allow for proper compaction.

Bull dozers: These are used to clear the area or site for construction work.

Grader: For grading the road surface under construction.

Compactors: A machine or mechanism used to reduce the size of waste material or soil through compaction in construction there are three main types of compactor.

(i.) Vibratory plate compactor: has a large vibrating base plate and is suited for creating a level grade.

(ii) Jumping jack: has a smaller foot. The jumping jack type is mainly used to compact the back fill in narrow trenches for water or gas supply pipe.

(iii) Road rollers:

Concrete pump: the operation of the concrete pump encompassess the use of hydraulic and electrical system. The concrete pump is designed to safely pump wet Concrete through a delivery system of pipes and hoses within its published rating specification.

Concrete mixer: Is a device that homogeneously combines cement, aggregates such as sand or gravel and water to form concrete. A typical concrete mixer uses a revolving drum to mix the components for smaller volume works portable concrete mixers are often used so that the concrete can be made at the construction site.

Cranes: A crane is a type of machine generally equipped with a hoist, were ropes or chains and sheaves and it is used to lift and lower materials and to move them horizontally and it is mainly used for lifting things and transporting them to other places

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