Shock Therapy By Edgar Arbogast Pdf

Shock Therapy By Edgar Arbogast Pdf

Download pdf Shock Therapy By Edgar Arbogast Pdf book free online – from Shock Therapy By Edgar Arbogast Pdf book; WHEN CINDY WAKES UP, SHE WILL HAVE HELL TO PAY! In this gripping novel of relentless horror, a young girl is kidnapped and tortured brutally by a strange cult of mutant freaks. Lost and alone, she finds herself trapped in the bowels of a bizarre asylum for the insane. But is their a terrible secret being hidden from her by those that should be her friends? This novel is a terrifying journey into the depths of supernatural horror and devil worship, shocking monstrosity and sadistic violence. Prepare yourself: Shock Therapy will leave you breathless! About the Author: Ed Arbogast lives in Shreveport, Connecticut with two cats and a German Shepherd. When he isn’t writing for magazines under various names, he likes to photograph nature.


For some reason she could not yet divine, she was in Muncie, Indiana, where she had once visited a friend of hers recently enrolled as a freshman at Ball State University. But it was not the same campus she remembered; the buildings looked as if they had been erected by a psychopath, instead of an architect.

 There was a great hump along University, for one thing; the street looked like a giant worm lived beneath it, and had frozen in a petrified state right in the midst of arching its back. She beat her feet along the pavement, although she could not now quite tell if she was walking the sidewalk, a boardwalk, or in the gutter.

She passed what appeared to be an old-fashioned bakery window. But she thought, perhaps, that this might really be the coffee shop she had frequented during her weekend-long visits. She went in, was caught by the heavy aroma of steeping cappuccino and freshly-toasted bagels. The lighting was very strange today; it seemed like the fluorescents were giving off the soft amber glow of candles. To her right, in the dining room, a small group of faces that looked familiar clustered in one corner, talking amongst themselves.

She wanted to join them, but she was too young, she surmised; still a high school girl, she didn’t feel comfortable around the big fishes at the College. She wondered what her own college experience would be like, when she finally got here, but instead she approached the counter, and looked at the woman working.

Hmm. Tall. Bobbed black hair. Pierced face.

She had a rainbow tattoo of an ankh around her wrist. Probably a lesbian.

“Can I help you?”

“Yeah. I’ll have one of those…whatchamacalit?…A ventimocha latte with soy milk and the foam still on. Raspberry flavored, too.”

“Um, okay, heh. That will be two eighty-five, okay. Thank you.”

The woman rang up the register, and she handed her a twenty. The woman handed here her change, and she smiled as she caught an eyeful of the woman. Nice body–very shapely, and she obviously kept herself exercised and conditioned.

Then, as if embarrassed by her own thoughts, she stifled them, and went to sit down at the farthest table. Suddenly, she saw a tall old man enter at the door to her left. He was wearing a somber, dark suit, an old straw hat, and carrying a briefcase. In one hand, he held his mug of coffee, and in between his withered old lips perched one hand-rolled cigarette. He sat down across from her, heaved a sigh, and said, “Good to see you again, Cin. It’s been a while.”

She looked at him quizzically; he did seem familiar, but right now, she couldn’t quite place him. All she could tell, for sure, was that he seemed like he might be a composite of several different persons she had met, at one time or another.

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