Shimmer By Claudette Melanson Pdf

Shimmer By  Claudette Melanson  Pdf

Download Shimmer By Claudette Melanson Pdf book free online – from Shimmer By Claudette Melanson Pdf Ariane was desperate to change her father’s mind. She had to convince him that the only one she wanted was Aureliam. She explained that she didn’t even want to get married at all, just to be by Aureliam’s side for all of her existence.

Ariane was certain that once her father knew what her best friend, her best love, meant to her, there would be no way he could cast her off into a life of utter misery. But his love for the whole of their people was greater than even that he held for his own daughter. She could see her defeat in his eyes—in the determination they held to gloss over the harshness of his decision. Ariane had seen that same look before, when her father had been forced to make other unpleasant decisions for the betterment of his subjects as a whole. For a few moments, so paralyzed by grief was the silver faerie, she could not move.

Her father used this pause against her. Quickly he strode forward, a pendant dangling from his hands. Ariane still had enough sense to see that it was intricately formed in the shape of a glinting—very real looking—snowflake.

The king fastened the clasp, reaching around beneath her hair. “A wedding present,” was all he said.

She lifted her chin so that she could protest further. The representation of winter about her neck began to glow…and her throat hurt ached with icy cold, like when she’d taken too large a mouthful of Bumbleberry Ice at the Summer Festival. Her voice glazed over, encased and frozen. The pain died away, but still she was left unable to speak a single syllable.

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