Shake That Sass by C.D. Gorri PDF

Shake That Sass by C.D. Gorri PDF

Download Shake That Sass by C.D. Gorri PDF book free online. Derrick Rand is an Alpha Dire Wolf, a rare and powerful species of Shifter. When he hears about the seemingly ideal town of Blue Valley, New Jersey, he, and his crew, fill their tanks and mount their bikes for the long cross-country ride. Tired of the nomadic life, Derrick is determined to find a place to call home.

Lucy Corwyn leads a fairly simple lifestyle, moving from town to town and working crappy jobs to make ends meet. FelineK Hybrid Shifters aren’t exactly high enough on the food chain to claim territory.

After her junker breaks down, Lucy finds herself stranded and without funds. Time is of the essence for this not-so-big Cat. She needs to earn some fast cash to fix her car before some dumb Shifter tries to turn her into a chew toy.

Luckily, she spies a help wanted sign at a biker bar. Walking into Serious Moonlight to inquire about a job is a piece of cake, or so she thinks. Imagine her surprise when the sexy new owner turns out to be her mateā€¦ and that’s not all.

Download Shake That Sass by C.D. Gorri PDF


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