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Download Seven Days Spain By Elvira Frankenheim PDF book free online – From Seven Days Spain By Elvira Frankenheim PDF: Author Dieter, and his younger girlfriend, wished for nothing but peace and chill-out times in Spain when they booked an all inclusive trip to Majorca. But a crazy horde of Czech cellists devastate the hotel rooms in the peaceful little village, which means a lot of work for Sarah Sackmann. The sexy tour guide was taking care of the utter bliss and happiness of the holiday guests. Though focusing a little more on the male side …


Not everyone speaking German actually comes from Germany, neither is every American born in the USA. Bruce Willis was born in Germany. Sandra Bullock first saw the world in Arlington, Virginia, daughter of a German opera singer. Later she lived in Germany and Austria. This small country belonged to Germany. That being during a time when the Germans were still conquering and were already keen on establishing one European currency, 60 years before the intro-duction of the euro.  

Austria, the land of hills and valleys. Way back when, you paid with the Alpen-dollar, called the schilling. But sadly, the euro took this last piece of national pride away from the Austrian population, when a tribe speaking a slight touch of weird German substituted the schilling with the euro. Born in this country, was the terminator, the destructor full of megalomania, the one who wanted to conquer the whole world. According to my personal psychological interpretation and know-ledge, this idea was mainly based on his more than giant inferiority complex; the shrink in me knows this.  

Referring to the terminator, I am not thinking of Arnold Schwarzen-egger, but Adolf Hitler. Schwarzenegger did only conquer the cine-matic silver screens and now his job as a governor. But he also declares his state a disaster area, as it constantly starts to burn. He probably staged all the fires himself, as to not lose his image as the bad guy. Indeed Hitler was not born in Germany, but in Austria. Thus all men from Austria are classified to be dangerous from the German point of view. We are also happy that Arnold ****** off to the States. It is different with the Austrian women though. They are more than favored in Germany. Especially women like the Josephine Mutzenbacher, a daughter of joy from Vienna, and the empress Sissy – all is available on DVD. Men do actually prefer Josephine, while women do watch some more Sissy. Sissy´s real first name is Elisabeth and strictly speaking she was German, because she was born in Munich. The German town Munich is well-known around the world, because of the international meetings of alcoholics which taking place in the Hofbräuhaus or during the Oktoberfest.  

The German himself, yes, he isn´t interested in any further war. The one who lost two times in some war, then one has defiantly lost all interest in any war. Nevertheless, after the downfall of the Third Reich, we managed to conquer another spot on the map without any military invasion, somewhere where everything is typically German meanwhile and you don´t have to search long for any Weißbier, Schweinshaxe or Sauerkraut. You get it at every street corner. This little spot is located in the Mediterranean and is called Majorca. Hitler would have been better to invest in the tourist branches, instead of the industrial-military complex, in order to realize his dream of the Großdeutschen Reich. Via the means of mass tourism, the Spanish were made a minority on this island. The loss of cultural and lingual identity favored the expansion of the German lifestyle. According to my opinion, the citizens should now decide themselves, whether Majorca should be added as a German territory or not. Somewhat like in Hawaii.

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