Set for Life by Scott Trench Pdf

Set for Life by Scott Trench Pdf

Download Set for Life by Scott Trench Pdf book free online. Are you required to work Monday through Friday? Would you prefer to “retire” from a job that pays a salary in the next ten years? Are you in your 20s or 30s and desire financial freedom—the kind of freedom that enables you to spend the majority of your days, weeks, and years doing what you want? GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

Even with a full-time job, a median income, and a negative net worth, building money is always achievable. Set for Life gives young professionals the financial assurance they need to achieve their financial goals early in life by combining philosophy and practical expertise. Working harder and smarter than the ordinary person is required to build a lifetime of wealth quickly, and Set for Life shows how to achieve it from having no savings to reaching five figures, then six figures, and finally the ultimate objective of financial freedom.

Wealth goes beyond having a nest egg, putting money down for “rainy days,” or building up an emergency fund. True wealth is about creating a financial runway, or enough money that is easily available to allow you to live off of it for a year. five years later then for the rest of your life.

About the Author

In addition to serving as the CEO of BiggerPockets, Scott Trench is a bestselling author, real estate investor, and co-host of the BiggerPockets Money Podcast. In just three years after finishing college, he has established financial independence for himself as well as a thriving real estate firm.

He has done this with a strong understanding of money management, measured risks, and a lot of hard work. In his best-selling book, Set for Life, he disseminates the information he has learned to enable others to achieve similar outcomes in just three to five years, giving them the freedom to live anywhere in the world, take any job, launch any business, or complete the path to financial independence and early retirement. Currently residing in Denver, Colorado, Scott likes to ski, play rugby, drink craft beer, and tell awful puns.

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